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Gas Golf Cart or Electric Golf Cart

These days which golf cart to buy is a lot harder than it used to be... We put together a sheet at the bottom here to help make your decision easier... Let me first start out by debunking some myths... Some people think of an electric golf cart like a grocery store shopping cart.. This isnt true... In fact electric golf carts in my opinion has led the way for electric Cars of today... You see an amazing correlation between electric cars and electric golf carts... In fact i would say that we woudlnt have an electric car that goes a 100 miles per charge like we do today if not for electric golf carts carrying on the technology for so many years... Here is another fact... Every Electric Golf Cart is Different some like the 2000 and up Club Cars that have 4 Horse Power motors have the same amount of power as a there Gas predesor... Others like the 36 Volt Club Car have 2.5 Horse Power Motors... You will see a significant difference in the power of this vehicle... So buyers beware when you are purchasing a Vehicle Drive it and try to find a hill to go up to test the power... But most of all Be Smart and if your situation doesnt suit for an electric vehicle.... Dont buy it....
Myth Debunking # 2
When buying an Electric Golf Cart some people believe that a 48 volt cart is so much better than a 36 volt Cart... Depends on why you say that... Most people say its because the 48 volt is so much stronger than the 36 volt... Lets take a 2004 Ezgo PDS Cart and a Standard 2004 Club Car Ds for Example... A Standard 3.5 Horse Power Club Car come with a 300-350 Amp Controller and a 48 Volt Battery Pack... a Standard Ezgo Electric Golf Cart also comes with 300-350 amp controllers and a 36 Volt Battery Pack... Listen... There is no difference in the power between these vehicles even though one is 48 volts and the other is 36 volts... The Difference is the 48 Volt Club Car Golf Cart will get slightly more miles between charge than the 36 Volt Ezgo Golf Cart... That is all... What you have to watch for and where the 36 volt versus 48 is true is in the older carts.. For Example 2003 and Back Club Car made 3 different Versions of there Club Car DS model... A 36 Volt Version which had 2.5 Horse Power, a 48 volt version Standard 3.5 Horse Power (98-up) and a 48 Volt IQ 4 Horse Power(98-up)... Between these models there is a significant difference between the horse power... From 2.5 to 4 Horse Power is a 40% gain in power... So in that case yes a 48 volt is quite a bit stronger than a 36...

Myth Debunking # 3

Your Electric Golf Cart is Desinged to get 24-28 Miles Per Charge... We get people all the time who believe that Electric Golf Carts Will Do this... Yes and my Jeep Grand Cherokee gets 22 MPG on the highway... Right.... This is true with absolutely brand new batteries and holding the pedal down firmly on a flat surface without making and turns or slowing down... Reality is your going to get about 12-15 miles per charge on brand new batteries... Thats with Stop and Go and Normal Driving Conditions... The reality is your batteries are designed for 105 or 115 Minutes per charge... Dont let that scare you that's pedal down run time... 12-15 Miles per Charge is still a heck of a lot of ground to cover...
Myth Debunking # 4
I never have to do anything to my electric and there is no routine maintenance... This is actually true if you only want your batteries to last for 2 years... As expensive as batteries can get you may want to take some time roughly every 3 months to check the water level on your batteries... What i mean by this is pull off the white caps and look at the water level.. DO NOT fill the water to the top of the battery caps... This will cause your batteries to spill out acid all over your cables and onto the frame of your cart... You want your Battery Water Level Filled to just over top the plates.. If your water level is not filled over the plates you will burn out your plates and significantly Decrease the time between charges... Lastly Check your Cables and make sure they are always tight.... It is true that an electric cart is very low maintenance but spend the 2 dollars for a can of battery terminal protectant and get your cables coated with it and always make sure they are tight... Or you can burn a post on your battery...

Gas Golf Carts Electric Golf Carts
Gasoline powered golf cars are powered by 9 or 11 Hp engines and come with either a 2 cycle (OLDER CARTS) Or 4 cycle (New Style) Engine.
Electric golf carts are powered by an DC electric motor, supplied by 6 deep cycle batteries(Except Precedent Club Car which has 4 Deep Cycle Batteries), and come with a charger which is seperate from your golf cart.
Gas Advantages
Electric Advantages
Power... Gas Engines have the power for hunting, Pulling Trailers, etc.
Completely Silent
Range... You have a 200-350 miles per tank range on your gas golf cart.
No Gas to purchase or refilling of tank
Cost... You dont have to replace batteries every 5-8 years.
Less parts means less maintenance
Value... Generally holds value longer than Electric Carts
Costs Less than a Gas Cart
Familiar... Very similiar maintenance to your car.
Requires no annual Tune up

Gas Disadvantages
Electric Disadvantages
Should have yearly tune ups
Battery's Need to be replaced every 4-8 Years
Usually more expensive year to year
Limited Range between Charges 12-18 Miles Realistically
Noisier than the electric
Most Models dont have as much power as the gas for hills "not true on every model"
Usually Requires manual choking in really cold weather
More Load on the cart means less miles per charge

Charger has to be brought with you to charge cart and you have to have an electrical Outlet



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